kristiekay asked: ...How abooout...oh ho. How about your favorite Royal Guard couple :D

The royal guard are not allowed to have children with each other. I know in some earlier headcanons and ramblings of mine the possibility was brought up, but as I’ve gotten to know them better I’ve realized romance between the guards wouldn’t happen.

Besides. I’ve got… other plans for them.

blattea asked: What if Nim and Willium had a kid?

Name: Tobias
Gender: Male
General Appearance: Dark haired and blue eyed, lean face with high cheekbones.
Personality: Responsible and determined, but with a sarcastic sense of humor.
Special Talents: Forges his own magic demon slaying sword which has supernatural possibly sentient properties
Who They Take After More: Willium
Personal Headcanon: As the eldest son he’s eligible to inherit his parent’s magical demon hunting objects but he never really took to either the spear or the magic deck of cards, so he leaves them for either younger siblings or his own children.

littleboxoflaughter asked: Alice and Riley, please! :)

Name: Reese and Lira
Gender: Female identical twins
General Appearance: Long blondish reddish hair, very slight freckles, large green eyes, human teeth.
Personality: Tiny bloodthirsty mercenaries
Special Talents: Ability to harden their skin, making it impervious to attack.
Who They Take After More: Alice
Personal Headcanon: Seriously these two will mess you up, don’t trust the adorable smiles.

kumacheerio asked: Alice and Riley?

Name: Luke
Gender: Male
General Appearance: Tall and bony, covered from head to toe in freckles, sharp buck teeth
Personality: Laid back and chill, doesn’t say much, is usually seen tagging quietly along behind Lio.
Special Talents: Is able to fully shift into a shark form. Very powerful swimmer, whatever shape he’s in.
Who They Take After More: Riley
Personal Headcanon: Lio picks fights, Luke finishes them.

cuttlefish3011 asked: Credenza and Raven, if I'm not too late? And Riley and Alice would be awesome!

Credenza’s baby first, then Alice’s.

Name: Robin
Gender: Male
General Appearance: Tall, lean, and handsome, with long dark hair and green eyes. Born with one dark feathered wing and one spirit wing. 
Personality: Elegant and graceful, very interested in jewelry and birding, a bit air-headed.
Special Talents: Red magic that manifests as rose petals that float through the air. He can’t really control them, they just bloom into existence when he’s feeling happy.
Who They Take After More: He’s kind of evenly split between them
Personal Headcanon: Is surprisingly humble and gentle despite being seen as one of the most attractive bachelors on the island.

Name: Lio
Gender: Male
General Appearance: Large, freckled, wild red hair.
Personality: The leader of his group of friends, loud and excited with a bit of a temper.
Special Talents: Sharp teeth, but can’t shift into a beast form. Has the ability to grow in size, the reverse of his mother’s power. Mostly uses it to pick up little kids and old ladies and give them rides around the island.
Who They Take After More: He’s pretty evenly split between his mom and his dad, though the teeth give him a huge resemblance to Riley.
Personal Headcanon: After a few decades the lower west corner of the Archipelago is going to be overrun with red headed freckled people with sharp teeth.

theanarchistssuitcollection asked: Raven and Credenza for the kid meme?

Name: Wren
Gender: Female
General Appearance: Short, with large red eyes and wild dark hair. Is born with dark feathered wings.
Personality: Explosive, loud, and friendly.
Special Talents: Flight, red magic that manifests as sharp beaked birds.
Who They Take After More: Credenza, the two butt heads sometimes because they’re such strong, loud women who are used to just plowing ahead with their first idea.
Personal Headcanon: Looks up to Clair as a big sister.

shocktreez asked: Credenza and Raven, please!

Name: Crow
Gender: Male
General Appearance: Tall and gangly, dark haired, long face like Credenza, has two arms and a set of spirit wings.
Personality: Serious and quiet, prone to wandering off and going on adventures without telling anyone.
Special Talents: Manipulation of his spirit wings and powerful green magic like his mother. Growing up learning to control it he takes more to the healing side of the magic rather than its potential offensive abilities.
Who They Take After More: Everyone says he’s more like Raven but in reality he’s much closer to Credenza, he’s just quiet about his adventurous independent streak.
Personal Headcanon: Marries one of Tuff’s daughters.

worldsentwined asked: Cassie and Tuff. :)

Name: Moira
Gender: Female
General Appearance: Blue skinned and red haired, in looks very much like her mother.
Personality: Sweet and polite, a little shy.
Special Talents: The ability to shift to a swimming/gills form.
Who they take after more: In looks Cassie, in mannerisms more like Tuff.
Personal Headcanon: The first born daughter

innsmouth-looker asked: Lucy and Knull!

Name: Beatrix
Gender: Female
General appearance: Small seemingly frail little girl with wispy white hair, always impeccably dressed.
Personality: Gentle and cautious, but less fearful than her father and more confident like her mother. 
Special Talents: Would inherit her father’s ability to absorb magic. Would start reading at a very early age.
Who They Take After More: Lucy, at least in personality. Knull would let her boss him around all the time, but she wouldn’t get away with anything around her mother.
Personal headcanon: When she turns 16 she goes to study at the abbey and will eventually becomes the next Abbess.

Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to sit in the corner and cry for a few hours.



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